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After Terrorism:

Truth, Justice and Memory in Italy


Book Presentation and Panel Discussion


Anna Cento Bull and Luca Guglielminetti


May 20th 2014, 13.00-15.00

Build. 1481 room. 341, Jens Chr. Skous vej 4, 8000 Aarhus C.




Anna Cento Bull, Professor of Italian History and Politics, University of Bath, recently published Ending Terrorism in Italy (Routledge 2013), written with Philip Cooke, which deals with how Italy exited ‘the years of lead’ (ca. 1969-1985). Italy's strategy - a combination of tough anti-terror legislation and initiatives aimed at promoting the terrorists' de-radicalization and disengagement - has often been regarded as pioneering in the scientific literature on the subject, but also presents some dark and problematic sides, especially in relation to the victims’ stances. The book addresses issues of reconciliation, justice, truth and memory, comparing and contrasting the perspectives of former terrorists and victims/relatives of victims as well as political institutions.

Luca Guglielminetti is a prominent representative of Associazione italiana vittime del terrorismo (Aiviter), one of the largest associations of victims of terrorism in Italy, founded in 1985 by Maurizio Puddu, a Christian Democratic local Counsellor, who survived a bloody attack by the Red Brigades in 1977. Aiviter campaigns for the rights of the victims and actively promotes commemorative practices, in the belief that the memory of this unsettling past is a collective duty and yet is often shunned by both citizens and political institutions.

Speakers will give a presentation in conversation with the author. This will be followed by a discussion with and questions from the audience.


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